Shirejam Fund

The Shirejam 2023 fund is a program that provides financial assistance to young participants. Eligible individuals can apply for funding to cover the cost of their attendance fee, with the potential to receive between 10-100% of their expenses covered. The program is inclusive and open to all young people attending Shirejam 2023 from Scouts Hereford & Worcester.

The Shirejam 2023 fund is designed to remove barriers to entry and assist with the cost of living for young participants. The fund aims to make it easier for individuals to participate by helping to cover expenses and provides an application for interested individuals to fill out to be considered for funding. This fund is a great opportunity for young people who might otherwise face financial barriers to entry to participate in the program.

We will use very specific information about an applicant’s personal circumstances to determine eligibility and an appropriate grant amount. It’s important that the information provided is accurate. We take privacy very seriously any information provided is handled with strict confidence and only shared with the necessary members of the Scouts Hereford and Worcester funding team.

Application forms may be retained securely until we complete the Shirejam 2023 project. It may be destroyed earlier if it is no longer needed. Anonymised diversity information may be retained permanently and used to monitor the diversity of this event.

After we’ve reviewed the application, if a grant is offered, we’ll get in touch on or after the 15th March 2023 with the applicant. Grants will be between 10% and 100% of the Shirejam fee.

This amount granted will be reduced against the amount invoiced to groups, participants will not receive any monies directly. If an applicant withdraws, the grant credited to the group account will be returned directly to the Shirejam fund.