Shirejam Fund

This figure will be dependent on the data provided on the grant fund application. Please ensure the information is as accurate and honest as possible when completing this.

Note: applications may be subject to integrity checks, where if you cannot provide adequate evidence as proof of your answers, any grant offer may be withdrawn.

We’ll use household income to support applications. The ‘household’ should be defined as the place the applicant lives for most of the year and you should use that address to base a ‘Pre-tax monthly household income’ calculation on.

The ‘Pre-tax monthly household income’ figure is the one where we’re asking you to detail all the income from: the applicant, the applicant’s dependants, financial supporters, and then all benefits received by any of these people, who are in your defined ‘household’.

A financial supporter is someone who lives with the applicant and contributes all or part of their income to help support the household.

If someone who does not live with the applicant provides regular financial support, any amount they support with should be entered in the ‘Total monthly contribution from people you do not live with’ field on the form.

If you really get stuck using the form, please use email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to submit your query – but remember, get the form in and don’t miss the deadline, as we can always support and update your response with correct information afterwards if needed.