UAVs or Drones are flown via a remote control and are limited by the range of the transmitter, this includes all remote controlled aerial devices such as model aeroplanes and helicopters, including devices commonly referred to as drones but operating under remote control. These devices may be electric or petrol powered.

Drones are devices which are programmable and/or automated (using an on board computer system)

All activities involving UAV’s must follow the regulations set out by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Scout led use of drones is not permitted and is not insured by The Scout Association.  Members may only take part in activities using automated drones if this activity is operated by an external provider with appropriate aviation insurance cover.

Therefore, no person attending Shirejam may use Drones in any form unless they have written explicit permission from the Camp Chief.

Any person not following this rule will be evicted from the site and equipment confiscated.