Feedback Changes

Following Shirejam 2019, we undertook a survey and a review meeting. As a result we aim in 2023 to:

  1. Three Counties Showground will set up all infrastructure in partnership with Shirejam to ensure site signage is more obvious and abundant
  2. Reduce the activity sessions so that the Sub Camps can have a session, probably on Saturday afternoon; to provide a larger jamboree spirit
  3. Shirejam badge will compose of a design incorporating a centre piece with sub camp pieces around the outside for people to collect over the weekend
  4. Retail clothing by sub camp again for 2023
  5. A more user friendly booking system. Scouts Hereford & Worcester will ensure a fit for purpose system, ideally integrated into an App and utilise OSM.
  6. Provide a more communicative administrative system.
  7. Have an outdoor stage for Opening and Closing Ceremony
  8. Reduce Sunday session to allow packing away with leaders, followed by lunch and the closing ceremony.
  9. Improve the Site wide announcements
  10. Provide more visibility and the choice of retail shops
  11. Increase the supervision in the Adult only Area
  12. Provide key communication points/ dates which are clear for all
  13. Early recruitment with clearly defined roles so volunteers can sign up
  14. Retain the traffic management system used and encourage more use of coach arrivals
  15. Retain external security company