This is of paramount importance to the county. All areas will be risk assessed and formal instructions and a guidebook will be provided to all participants prior to the event. Leaders will also have separate briefings.

  • Only adults who have a Scout DBS will be allowed on site, with the exception of contractors where a specific formal policy will be in place.
  • There will be on “duty incident command centre” to deal with any incidents. These will be managed through ongoing logs.
  • The site will have it’s on own security and will be patrolled and guarded at access points.
  • Groups will not be allowed to have open or alter fires, but gas cookers are fine. We will insist that all gas appliances have suitable and safe orange gas pipes no more than 5 years in date. Unsafe gas pipe will be clipped by organisers at owners expense to prevent fire or explosion.
  • All kitchen areas will be required to have a serviced extinguisher and fire blanket. There will be camp shops on site.
  • Please inspect all your equipment before coming. District Nights away advisors will be on hand to assist if required.
  • Leaders must follow site-erection plans to comply with our fire safety assessments. If a member of the site service team asks you to move or take down a tent or unsafe structure you must follow their instructions.

Full safety information and Safeguarding processes will be available at a suitable time before the event.