Some of our members may have questions relating to Covid-19 and Shirejam in 2023. The situation is unknown in line with everthing else. However, the show must go on and we will plan, insure and mitigate for Shirejam 2023.  If circumstances cause a different direction we will be open and honest, updating our members as appropriate.

The County Executive is constantly monitoring the situation and will:

  • Make sure that we can run a Shirejam ensuring the safety of young people and volunteers.
  • Make sure we have access to the best volunteer skills and suppliers to deliver the quality scouting provided at Shirejam
  • Will plan for  what a ‘new’ normal will look like and the impact that will have on Shirejam.
  • Analyse the financial risk during this period to mitiage risk our charity could be exposed to.
  • Update and design new health or safety processes or systems to be in place and matured as advised by government, industry and Scouting
  • To provide local oppotunity for a Jamboree Scouting event
  • If deemed necessary reschedule